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Assignment - Sales Tax

Dealer is a builder and developer, M/s Bombay Construction And Engg Co. Pvt Ltd. TIN No. is 27040817345V and period of assessment is 1/4/2006 TO 31/3/2007.

Dealer is unregistered during 06-07.GTO of sales is of Rs.4,08,34,450. Sales before 20/6/2006 is Rs.2,43,11,418. Land deduction during 06/07 is Rs.10,56,236. 30% standard deduction on construction contract is Rs 44,83.129. MVAT collected by the builder is Rs.5,23,032. GTO of purchase is Rs.83,70,469. [RD purchase not eligible for set off]. MVAT paid is Rs.5,23,032.

Find out the MVAT payable, ITC allowed, differential dues and interest u/s 30(2) and 30(3) and calculate the balance amount.