Combined Probationary Training Program
Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA), Pune

Developed in conjunction with

Combined Probationary Training Program 2014

2015 2014

Combined Probationary Training Programme (CPTP) is an initiative of the State Government to train all State Civil Service officers selected through Maharashtra Public Service Commission. Combined Probationary Training Program is designed to have common state ethos, ethical standards and value system. It is also aimed at developing camaraderie among different services of the State.

The objective is to develop disciplined, professional and people-sensitive Civil Service by providing best of the institutional and field inputs to raise their overall perspective and vision.

Combined Probationary Training Programme is a two years programme which includes Foundation Phase, Technical Training Phase-I, different attachments like village and tribal area visits, judiciary, legislature, Moral Re-Armament (MRA), and Military. It further includes various district attachments, as well as Delhi and Maharashtra exposure visits, and de-briefing as Phase-II of Combined Probationary Training Programme.

The Purpose of a Common Foundation Course:
  • To have common state ethos
  • Raise their overall perspective and vision
  • To have common ethical standards and value system
  • Maximize the potential of each of the officers
  • Raise their esteem of being a member of Maharashtra Government Service
  • To provide best of the institutional inputs in the best of the environment
  • Overall human resource development
  • To give maximum outlet and exposure
  • To impart knowledge about set up & day today working of government departments.
  • To expose the trainee officers to the dynamics of peer group activities.
  • To help the trainee officers to come out of the ‘shell’ & interact with colleagues of various departments.
  • To create camaraderie among services.
  • To help the officers to understand the social, economic, political, geographical, rich heritage and cultural history of Maharashtra
  • To help them to apply the basic knowledge of Constitution of India and various laws in their day to day administration
  • To develop qualities of good public servants.
  • To explain the concept of decentralization, panchayath raj, rural & urban development
  • To explain various rules & financial procedures in administration
  • To help them to Discover his/her own attitudes and develop insights on others’ attitude and their impact
  • To acquire the skills of working in coordination, develop leadership & be innovative in achieving the tasks
  • To apply the knowledge and skills of computer applications in administration
  • To learn in detail about RTI, Financial Management , Public Policy, and 2nd ARC recommendations.
  • To impart professional knowledge to develop competence in the Trainee Officers, needed for better performance.
  • To promote better understanding of Professional requirements Among the Trainee Officers.
  • To develop professional skill for improving actual performance of the Trainee officers and the Department in which they are working.
  • To bring about right attitudinal orientation among the Trainee Officers.
  • To develop responsiveness needs and expectations of the citizens.
  • To develop in the Trainee Officers commitment to democratic values and concept of partnership and participative decision-making.
  • To develop scientific temper imbibed with professional ethics.
  • To develop sense of responsibility to ensure high performance in every professional field and cost effective methods of delivery.
  • To stimulate and motivate Trainee Officers to widen the horizons of their knowledge.
  • To promote innovativeness among the Trainee Officers by providing opportunity to the Trainee Officers to interact with some Industrialists, Citizen Groups, NGOs, Public Representatives etc.